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How Much Should I List A Konica Bizhub Pro C500 For?

2021.10.24 05:27 asiancury How Much Should I List A Konica Bizhub Pro C500 For?

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2021.10.24 05:27 BodilessEye Sermon -- At the Door Knocking -- 29 Aug 2021 Rev. Michael Cowley

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2021.10.24 05:27 Not_Another_Karen Hairstyles for a long trip/flight?

I am going to see my partner for the first time after 7 months. I'll be taking a 9 hour flight. While he has seen me at my worst, I would really like to look my best. Any hairstyle suggestions? Hair is to my sternum but I also do have hair extensions that I could use.
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2021.10.24 05:27 TevDawg Posted roobet was a scam on a popular streamer, was banned not even 7 seconds later.

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2021.10.24 05:27 Screwbreaker You now own a popular modern art museum, what item would you put it on display?

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2021.10.24 05:27 Darcsen Waikiki Brewing charging take-out fee for Growler Fills

Just got a growler fill from Waikiki Brewing today and they charged me a take out fee. I can't remember them ever doing that in the past growler fills, or when I've purchased cases of cans from them. Seems like some bullshit to me. I'm supplying the container and everything. Am I the asshole here for thinking the take-out fee in this instance is stupid?
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2021.10.24 05:27 Capable-Depth The little demon to my heart. His name is cthulu.

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2021.10.24 05:27 rolliepollietv super saiyan soulja

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2021.10.24 05:27 ohsomacho Can this screen be cleaned up or fixed? 2015 MBP

Started getting worse a couple of years ago. I rarely touch the screen with my fingers so is the film on the screen screwed? I'm prepping the machine to sell so want to get it looking as good as possible

Thanks in advance!

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2021.10.24 05:27 kligon123 Shudderwork with swabbies is fun!

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2021.10.24 05:27 zeungxing What book has truly changed your life?

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2021.10.24 05:27 aduserfb2020 Neha Malik

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2021.10.24 05:27 YourLocalAnnoying Not R34

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2021.10.24 05:27 synthead What is this alien technology?

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2021.10.24 05:27 DHaVoC1301 English or business administration major?

Hello, I am lost and confused between these two majors. Some says both of these are useless .. some says choose business administration because it is employable and English is practically useless in real world. Actually I am planning to get a degree since I am not a degree holder yet. My highest education is high school diploma. So which major is more beneficial than the other?
P.S planning to use some of my retirement funds to pay back the loan
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2021.10.24 05:27 penguinodinero Account deactivated

How do I get my account reinstated after deactivation. The merchant emails went to the spam folder and I was told it usually takes a while to activate so I wasn't concerned but I tried following up today and the account was opened and now closed.
On top of that I can't get hold of anyone, it's just a vague answer to terms and conditions and no follow up. At this point I can't even email back.
Does anyone have a solution?
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2021.10.24 05:27 -_-_Loki_-_- Help me name my Unusual Flipped Trilby (Steaming)

Help me name my Unusual Flipped Trilby (Steaming) I've finally managed to acquire an Unusual Flipped Trilby with Steaming and i've decided to settle down and quit trading once and for all. I have a name-tag and description-tag lying around, and want to put it to good use and... well you know. If you come up with the name that I ultimately end up using there will be a small prize (haven't decided what it will exactly be, likely a Duelling Mini-game + some weps), so comment your brainstorms please :D
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2021.10.24 05:27 peliculin Eve creaba las rosas más famosas del mundo, pero ahora está pasada de moda, amargada y al borde de la bancarrota. A Vera, su fiel asistente, se le ocurre una idea brillante y loca que podría cambiar sus vidas para siempre…

Eve creaba las rosas más famosas del mundo, pero ahora está pasada de moda, amargada y al borde de la bancarrota. A Vera, su fiel asistente, se le ocurre una idea brillante y loca que podría cambiar sus vidas para siempre… submitted by peliculin to funny [link] [comments]

2021.10.24 05:27 CastellanMalevolent 26, M, UK - Light hearted chats

Hi there, I'm from Sheffield, UK. I'm just looking for some light hearted chats to go with my first lazy Sunday in God knows how long. I've developed a bit of social anxiety this past couple of years, I used to be an introvert that performed well with extrovert friends, but now I'm just a bit shit.
I like to think I'm a very easy going person, open minded, don't take life too seriously. Would like to find people to talk to, maybe meet for drinks if you're local, go see some bands. A bit more about me:
- Big lover of music, especially hardcore, metalcore and beatdown. But I also listen to a lot of rap, grime, house, dnb
- Not really into anime, unfortunately.
- Bit of a gamer, more casual these days. I just play PS4 when I can around work sometimes. I do have a gaming PC though
- Lover of all things Sci-Fi and Fantasy
So yeah drop me a message if you fancy, down to chat about anything tbh. Kind of miss going out so if you're local and fancied a drink that'd be fun. Also 420 friendly.
Speak Soon
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2021.10.24 05:27 gametacular Hair Stylist/Barber Needs

Balding on my crown and hating it. Looking for a good stylist or barber to go to that can talk with me and help me find the right hair style that can keep me comfortable. My hair is long otherwise but a fairly noticable patch on the crown that's been plaguing me. Using fin/min for slightly over a year now with some results (better than it was but not great). Thanks for any help or recommendations in advance.
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2021.10.24 05:27 rimuru4257 Female Rimuru and Veldora Cosplay... or edit?

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2021.10.24 05:27 girlinthewind27 Gaslighting

Hi everyone, so I've never spoken about this online before but I just had a rough conclusion to the end of my evening. I'd been seeing someone from my old job who seemed at first very sweet, and over time did many things to subtly disrespect me or just totally neglect my needs.
He was telling people that I was his girlfriend very early on and without even speaking to me, he also said "Love you" in the first week we were dating. When we had his first date, he was very pushy after with sex and essentially continued to pressure me several times, going to leave the room several times before coming back as he was frustrated. I'd continually said "no" and I don't know...I was tired and gave in eventually? I felt awful. When I tried to speak to him about it after he said "I'm sorry, I didn't mean any harm" and "no doesn't always mean no" and other things of that nature. Intimacy was not good for me at first because it was always so quick and my needs would never get met. Some things we talked about he did work on, and we are from different countries and cultures but I made so many allowances.
He started making passive aggressive comments, like my time was more important, I was the prime minister, the president, never had time for him...he would be angry if I wasn't available for a phone call. I'd try to tell him it hurt my feelings and I wanted him to be more secure in us but he would just keep making comments. Everything I said was an "insult" to him, no accountability.
Today I was volunteering at a clothing drive and he asked me repeatedly to call him after I was done. We had plans in the evening and I was so tired as I've just had my vaccine, I had to take my grandma shopping after and try to rest before taking him an hour out to a haunted hike. I asked if I could just see him that night so I could focus on my tasks at hand and he got upset. He does this often.
So, we went to Vegreville and attended the haunted house, then started arguing on the way home. I mentioned that he kept hurting and disrespecting me and mentioned ever since the sex thing, which he then denied was disrespectful. And I snapped, I slammed on the brakes, pulled over and told him to get out and that I was done. I've told him before I've been assaulted, cheated on and the like. I called my sister after who was also on the hike and she picked him up and drove him to his car. He proceeded to talk badly about me the entire time to my sister, my best friend. He called me a liar, crazy and that I'd had these bad experiences so I was so guarded.
Also, he said he isn't even sure he likes me, but he has feelings for me...a fair bit more beyond that. The disrespect he displays by doing this after she's chosen to help him upsets us both.
I'd like to also mention that he told me his previous girlfriend lost her visa and was sent home after she falsely accused him of assault. When proven wrong she was sent home. I know from having studied criminology, that men can be victims of malicious women who lie. But women can also be falsely accused or bullied out of pursuing charges. That was a red flag for me. Then he proceeds to tell my sister that I was violent and he was scared of me and thought I was going to hit him?
I'm honestly just kind of rocked by this whole thing, I feel I did a lot to stand my ground but it is so discouraging. We have a lot of mutual friends and former colleagues and so if he would say all those things to my sister, what would stop him from slandering me elsewhere? I also hate that I even tolerated this for as long as I did. I'd see changes and feel he really cared...but today when I expressed my frustration he just kept saying "I'll just stop caring then" instead of trying to address anything at all. He was really victim like and my poor sister spent an hour in the car with him on the way home with a similar conclusion.
I hate that I fall for this...what is wrong with me! This is gaslighting of course? And I feel insecure at times, please tell me something that makes me feel more strong ❤
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2021.10.24 05:27 kazmania1 30009 Fillyjonk, Hellborn Rogue

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2021.10.24 05:27 Harevstortoise GBTC/BITO Arbitrage

GBTC at a 15.91% discount to NAV https://ycharts.com/companies/GBTC/discount_or_premium_to_nav
BITO at 0.06% premium https://www.proshares.com/tools/premium_discount?ticker=bito
GBTC filed to convert to ETF https://grayscale.com/our-filing-to-convert-gbtc-into-an-etf/
Buying GTBC and shorting BITO may be a good trade idea. Notional of GBTC should be about 15.97% less than that of BITO. GBTC discount should continue to narrow to par (it was 20.53% before their filing) and BITO should bleed due to futures roll cost so the short position should benefit. Margin should be low since the short BITO will provide the cash to long the GBTC.
Thats my trade idea but each investor will naturally do their own research
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2021.10.24 05:27 HiItsLust Deception and Despair

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