This is why I call him “lobster face”

Until you get the lobster home, your son will need to be in the immediate vicinity of his catch, so that if a warden stops you, your son's spiny lobster can be attributed to him via his spiny lobster report card (he must carry his report card). As long as you're together, there's nothing wrong with carrying his lobster for him. Strictly Come Dancing’s Dan Walker has finally revealed why he opted to dress as a lobster for Halloween week on Saturday after much confusion.. The BBC Breakfast presenter and his professional ... The Lobster: Directed by Yorgos Lanthimos. With Jacqueline Abrahams, Roger Ashton-Griffiths, Jessica Barden, Olivia Colman. In a dystopian near future, single people, according to the laws of The City, are taken to The Hotel, where they are obliged to find a romantic partner in forty-five days or are transformed into beasts and sent off into The Woods. HIM is a powerful, flamboyant demon. HIM is the king of darkness, and by far the most dangerous enemy of the Powerpuff Girls. HIM stands for His Infernal Majesty. HIM has a very androgynous appearance. He has large lobster-like claws, pointed ears, black widow's peak hair, lime green eyes, a hooked nose, and a long, curled beard. He has three long eyelashes on each eyelid, rosy pink cheeks ... Lobster fishing is a little bit different than regular fishing in that it presents new challenges and requires less equipment. There are 2 main types of lobsters you can catch: clawed lobsters, which reside in cold water regions, and spiny lobsters, which live in areas with warm water. So they let him off with 15 years probation and he returned home. Lobster Boy had, by this time, divorced his first wife, remarried another woman, and had two more children. He proceeded to subject them to his drunken rampages, and eventually his second wife divorced him. Police say 39-year-old Darrell Brooks faces five counts of intentional homicide, and more lives are in jeopardy in area hospitals.. This is the mentally-challenged parasite who drove a red SUV through a crowd at a Christmas parade in Waukesha, Wisconsin, on Sunday, killing five and wounding at least 48.. The incident, beyond any serious explanation, or understanding, is likely to trigger a ... Lobster is a magazine that is interested primarily in the influence of intelligence and security services on politics and world trade, what it calls "deep politics" or "parapolitics".It combines the examination of conspiracy theories and contemporary history. Lobster is edited and published in the United Kingdom and has appeared twice a year for 38 years, at first in 16-page A5 format, then as ... July 27, 2021 - News Post. 20 years ago today, Evil Adam released "The Ballad of Dr. Lobster", the official theme song of Dr. Lobster comics. The remastered version is out now on Spotify, iTunes, etc. Give it a listen-- there are worse ways to loosen earwax. The American lobster (Homarus americanus) is a species of lobster found on the Atlantic coast of North America, chiefly from Labrador to New Jersey.It is also known as Atlantic lobster, Canadian lobster, true lobster, northern lobster, Canadian Reds, or Maine lobster. It can reach a body length of 64 cm (25 in), and a mass of over 20 kilograms (44 lb), making it not only the heaviest ...

2021.11.27 18:01 espresso_fox This is why I call him “lobster face”

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2021.11.27 18:01 1360p Nude in the pool

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2021.11.27 18:01 autotldr Activists hail Tanzania move to lift ban on pregnant schoolgirls | This makes Tanzania one of the last two countries in Africa to lift the controversial ban against pregnant schoolgirls from accessing education.

This is the best tl;dr I could make, original reduced by 79%. (I'm a bot)

"Most of the girls who get pregnant in schools lack basic sexual education," said Mgendi.
The World Bank said last year more than 5,000 pregnant girls in Tanzania were barred annually from continuing with their studies, as well as from going back to school after giving birth.
Supporters of the ban had argued that allowing pregnant girls to continue with school would promote "Promiscuity" among students and lead to more girls getting pregnant.
School officials and teachers often used the country's Education Act and its education expulsion regulations of 2002 to expel girls.
In its July and August research, HRW found some girls were expelled just before they sat for their national qualifying exams in Form 4, the last year of lower secondary school, after schools conducted mandatory pregnancy tests shortly before or in the middle of these exams.
"Having a framework that specifically stipulates their right to education and clarifies what school officials and ministry of education officials locally and at all levels need to do to guarantee that is extremely important."
Summary Source | FAQ | Feedback | Top keywords: school#1 girls#2 Education#3 pregnant#4 policy#5
Post found in /worldnews, /UpliftingNews, /rawuncutnewss, /AutoNewspaper and /ALJAZEERAauto.
NOTICE: This thread is for discussing the submission topic. Please do not discuss the concept of the autotldr bot here.
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2021.11.27 18:01 Disastrous_Ad_2772 FPV vs. Air 2S

I don’t know if this is the right subreddit for my question, so sorry in advance. I also don’t know if my question has been asked before, if so…whoops. Anyway, I’ve been looking into getting a drone, I have some experience with the Air 2, but wanted to get my own. I’ve been going back and forth between the 2S and the FPV, I know they’re really different, and that’s kind of where I’m struggling to make a decision. I like the idea of being able to take more dynamic videos and images with the FPV. However, I like the better quality and safety features of the 2S. If anyone in this subreddit has any suggestions/comments regarding these two drones, I’d really love the input. Thanks for any help offered.
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2021.11.27 18:01 MrMcMooMooMan Thought I'd share my ever-growing Foo collection

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2021.11.27 18:01 thakafaa اسرع طريقة عمل كيكة تريليتشا التركية|كيكة الحليب - ثقافة.كوم

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2021.11.27 18:01 weloveupegasus My story

Hi, before i begin,here is some background information
- I was at sleepaway camp,and there are two bunks in one house. It looked like this
-I was 13 when this story took place(almost 14 now)
-I am on the autism spectrum(not really the cause of the story) and have adhd(a
-I was and still am scared of most girls(There are some exclusions though)
Now i will begin,
Alright so like i said i am on on autism spectrum.Even though im on the spectrum,my autism is very and i mean VERY mild. You couldnt tell unless you were a therapist or psycholigist probably. I am good at socializing most of the time when i'm with other people.(thank you therapy!) My adhd is a little more severe.So as i also said I am scared of girls. So every summer,I go to an all boys camp,but last summer I had to go to a coed camp.I really wanted a break from girls and did not want to go to the camp. When i was at the camp at cooking ,i told my bunkmates i was scared of girls.They then forced me to talk to this girl named sarah.I know this might be cringey to some old folks,but i said,Do you like minecraft.She said yes.We immedialey cliqued.We did a lot of activities with each other.We both invited each other to stuff.She was really beautiful.But this is where thing take a turn for the worst. So onetime after dessert,We went to the infirmary,I also needed to get my adhd meds so this was perfect.Without my meds i am hyper and impulsive.This is where things go bad.When we got back my meds were just kicking in.We decided to talk on a rock(when i talked to this chick,i had a massive boner lmfao).After a while,I said something i regret.We were talking about puberty and I said "Do girls masterbate?"I immediately regretted it and and went to sleep with worry.The next day i went up to her and apoligized again.She said it was ok and i hadnt talked to girls in a long time(i told her that right before i went to sleep).She seemed really geniune and still talked to me.I didnt think anything about it, until i found out she was telling people that I was a pervert.The reason i knew this is because a person in the bunk next to me told me. That was the saddest day of my life.I felt like she backstabbed me.She left for a family emergency 2 weeks in to camp and i never got to say goodbye to her.All i know is her first and last name, that she has a snap,and that she lives in puerto rico.I just want to see her again! Thank you for reading my story
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2021.11.27 18:01 Artamisgordan Messed up a really good friendship

How it started, got a new job a year ago. I'm from Chicago and had to go to Florida for training for the new job. I'm 32 male and my trainer was a 28 year old female let's call her Jenny. We hit it off great, as in being friends we made each other laugh everyday and never had a dull moment while training. She had a boyfriend, but we would kinda of flirt here and there. Was there for a month because where I was was going to work in California was still under construction. So being together for 5 days around 8-10 each day we really got to know each other. So after the training we keep in touch talked on the phone at least one to two days a week and just really became great friends.
So there was an opening like 1 month ago in Dallas and my friend recommended for me to take it. I did because in California I didnt really have any close friends like her. And something new as well.
A little back story about me, I got married early when I was21 to my high school sweetheart. We got divorced a year before I got the job. I did date a little but honestly looking for someone like Jenny to me very pretty and someone I can talk to about anything.
So when I move I met her boyfriend we become friends too. I didn't move to ruin anything but a month in, Jenny comes to my place to hang out. And we have sex. She told me she like me and that's why she wanted me to come here. I told her what about her BF. She said she loves him too but is conflicted. So I thought let it just be a one time thing. And we actually get along like nothing happen until it did happen again. And then we talk about out feelings and pretty much we get caught by the BF and she tells me that we can't talk and she chose the BF.
So now I am in a city with no friends and family and just sit home bored doing nothing. I am depressed because this was the first time I felt like I was loving someone again and had my heart broken again. It was my fault if I just kept it as a friendship instead of a trying to be a side piece.
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2021.11.27 18:01 hgoodenn Dying white EVA Birkenstocks?

I’m looking to do a custom dye job on some EVA Birkenstocks like these:
What kind of dye should I use?
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2021.11.27 18:01 Lukemorrow7 Bud bud lettuce💨 Satans Splooge IRL hot sauce⛽️, 10% of mint donated to charity for kids in need of food (Partnered with Replate). Mint is live. 1 sol per borgar. I bought a couple and I highly recommend that you guys check out their Twitter “@BorgarNFT”. Artwork is absolute gassss⛽️🚨👇🏻👇🏻

Bud bud lettuce💨 Satans Splooge IRL hot sauce⛽️, 10% of mint donated to charity for kids in need of food (Partnered with Replate). Mint is live. 1 sol per borgar. I bought a couple and I highly recommend that you guys check out their Twitter “@BorgarNFT”. Artwork is absolute gassss⛽️🚨👇🏻👇🏻 submitted by Lukemorrow7 to NFT [link] [comments]

2021.11.27 18:01 Beginning-Art-7628 Tw: blood: you see me and ash and I look pissed off what do you do?

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2021.11.27 18:01 Serg_Maliy Results of the annual Russian Tournament

Results of the annual Russian Tournament 1st: Burn 2nd: Walls Combo 3rd: Grixis Affinity 4th: Grixis Affinity 5th: UB Delver 6th: Mono U Delver 7th: Boros Bully 8th: Jeskai Ephemerate
88 players, 7 rounds.
Stream from the tournament is here:
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2021.11.27 18:01 AlmondSeeds I’m on the hunt..

I’m looking for local folklore and interesting historic sites around the Ozarks. What are things y’all heard growing up or certain strange sightings in the area.
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2021.11.27 18:01 MrTwoBytes [Postgame Thread] Florida beats FSU, 24-21 to finish 6-6

Gators get the in on senior day under interim coach Greg Knox. FSU falls to 5-7 and missed yet another bowl.
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2021.11.27 18:01 IndigoGreninja Catch a Falling Star - Chapter 2

Chapter 2: New Recruits
With my trusty two new Pokémon, I set off into Route 1. It’s a nice, quaint wooded route, a perfect start to my adventure. Without further ado, I head straight for the grass for my next encounter, which turns out to be a Birbie, the regional bird of Tandor. I name it Altair, as I think it’s a fitting name for a Pokémon of the air.
It's not long before I run into a bunch of trainers. One had a Chyinmunk of their own, albeit a much stronger one than Centauri. That was pretty tough, ngl. I had to resort to stalling out with Leech Seed to beat it. Another trainer was a Bug Catcher, who was thankfully a lot more manageable since Altair had a type advantage, albeit no actual Flying moves yet.
At the exit to Route 1, a Youngster challenges me with a Fortog, a WatePoison type that looks like someone pumped a frog full of helium lol. Even though it poisons Altair, we have Rigel for these specific situations, and after many turns of Leech Seed stall and Scratches, we take it down. Unlike other trainers, however, this Youngster offers to trade numbers, so now we have a new number registered in the PokéPod and therefore a neat little grinding spot. There’s a bunch of other trainers like this around Tandor, and considering how wacky the level curve gets in some parts of this game, we’re gonna need them.
Anyway, we reach Kevlar Town, where we’re taken on a tour of the Pokémon Center and get some Oran Berries as a reward. Neat. Speaking of berries, there’s also a berry shop nearby where I get a few new ones for free. They all cure status conditions, so nothing special, but handy to have regardless.
Route 2 is right up ahead, and my next encounter is a Cubbug. I name her Pollux because it sounds similar to pollen, which, you know, some bugs make. She evolves into a Fairy type later on so at least we’ve got some more coverage now. Fighting types beware.
Before I head up further, however, I double back to the Poké Mart, not only to stock up on supplies but also get a Mystery Gift. Yes, that’s right, Uranium has Mystery Gifts too, among other things. From the guy at the Poké Mart, I get Becquerel the Hazma, a Pokémon that’s Nuclear-type (the new type featured in this game) and also has a pretty neat skin. I wanted to add Becquerel just for some extra reinforcement to my team, though having a Nuclear-type is a bit risky considering he’s weak to basically everything. We’ll see how he manages.
Past Route 2 is Passage Cave, where my encounter turns out to be a Grozard ughhhhh. Arena Trap is annoying and Grozard honestly isn’t even that good anyway. I name it Ophiuchi, after a star named after a serpent god, and promptly drop it in the PC. Not planning to use it, especially after it nearly killed Becquerel thanks to Arena Trap.
On the bright side, we get to fight another rematchable trainer on the way to the cave in the form of a Hiker. Their Barewl wasn’t too hard, if a bit tedious, but the Mankey was tricky to deal with thanks to it using Focus Energy and nearly killing Altair. Chill out lol.
I’m a bit nervous about going through the cave, but I’m getting a lot of useful items thanks to Centauri’s Pickup, so that’s good. Hopefully we don’t run into too much trouble, but at least we’ve got three more allies on our side.
Current Team:
Rigel the Orchynx – Lv. 7
Altair the Birbie – Lv. 8
Centauri the Chyinmunk – Lv. 7
Pollux the Cubbug – Lv. 6
Becquerel the Hazma – Lv. 5

Prologue link here:
Catch A Falling Star: A Pokémon Uranium Nuzlocke
Chapter 1 link here:
Chapter 1
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2021.11.27 18:01 GM_Suit_Pilot Ye Other Elven Pantheon - The Lady Alathrian Druanna

Alathrian Druanna the nearly forgotten Goddess of Writing
- I always had a fascination with her fortress - ran a few adventures there.
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2021.11.27 18:01 selfaware-watermelon People who have had poltergeist encounters, what happened?

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2021.11.27 18:01 Tilion90 Mars - 500 Clementoni

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2021.11.27 18:01 Wutbot1 Wutbot on "Restroom": [r/totallynotrobots] JUST GOT A NEW JOB AT WALMART'S RESTROOM HELPING FELLOW HUMAN CUSTOMERS.

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2021.11.27 18:01 SeattleMana Adam Frazier as a young child. May have been a huge Mariners fan!

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2021.11.27 18:01 IndominusRhex When the new legendary drinks

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2021.11.27 18:01 chilledbooks My dad is one of those "never on time" people.

It's not just being late, either. Sometimes he might be three minutes late. Sometimes he'll be twenty minutes late. Other times he'll be way too early, to the point where I haven't even started getting ready yet. Once in a blue moon he'll actually be on time, but don't rely on him if you have an appointment somewhere. Today he was supposed to be here at 3:30. Well, it's been 30 minutes and he's still MIA. My sister even tried calling him. Got his voicemail. Because he never looks at his goddamn phone unless one of us is with him and we're like, hey, maybe you should answer that. It's just, ugh.
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2021.11.27 18:01 melovecoffee Inventory clean out! Lots of DIYs, items, wallpaper and clothes. DM for the Dodo Code.

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2021.11.27 18:01 thakafaa اسهل طريقة عمل صوص ثاوزند آيلاند اللذيذ في مطبخك - ثقافة.كوم

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2021.11.27 18:01 Ok_Win_3538 Why I like the idea of Team RWBY becoming the 4 Maidens

Why I like the idea of Team RWBY becoming the 4 Maidens Oh yeah, we are doing this again. I'm going to break down just why I like this theory and why I am CONFIDENT it's going to happen. Feel free to disagree with me if you like, I enjoy the debate and discussion but keep it NON TOXIC please. I'm begging ya'll. Anyway! On with the show!
Yup, I'm NOT giving up on this
Alright so we need to start with my personal bias on the matter, I have ALWAYS been of the opinion that these powers were going to be in the hands of the 4 main girls at SOME point. It was only a matter of time and over the course of this story? It has followed a very predictable pattern with which maidens align with which character. NOW that being said? Initially the order of things was slightly different in my mind. Because the way I SAW it happening was like this
Ruby= Fall Maiden
Weiss= Winter Maiden
Blake= Spring Maiden
Yang= Summer Maiden
I think whether you like the idea or not I think that we can agree that's the most logical and predictable route they could have taken it and let me preference by saying: PREDICTABLE DOES NOT MEAN BAD! Something can be predictable and still be well written and engaging because sometimes? Knowing the outcome of something can prepare you for the shock of when that eventual outcome plays out, because nothing is ever 1 to 1 as we see it in our heads, that's where the surprise comes from. I hope I am making sense.
So currently as it stands now the way I SEE it going down is this way.
Ruby= Fall Maiden
Weiss= Winter Maiden
Blake= Summer Maiden
Yang= Spring Maiden
Now why do I think it's going to go down this way unless a DRASTIC plot twist occurs? Well just look at the set up and how the story is structured and what the maiden powers actually ARE. Salem and Ozpin are matched equally in magic in my opinion, the mere fact that Ozpin was able to divide his power in the 4 pieces and still have as much magic power as he still had? Shows that this man was INCREDIBLY strong and it makes sense why the people viewed him and Salem as nothing short of Gods because they basically were.
They could command the elements, shapeshift, levitate, flat out fly, summon and do all these amazing things with their magic and they are the ONLY TWO on the planet that exist that can do these things that is until their children were born. Now looking at this from Salem's perspective and here reaction to seeing that they have magic? You can tell her first thought is malice at least not to me, she's GENUINELY happy that her daughters have magic, GEUINELY happy that now she and Ozpin don't have to be the only ones of their kind.
Which only makes it hurt all the more when the 4 of them die in the crossfire of hers and Ozma's battle. So then years later when Oz gifts the 4 maidens who helped him find hope again magic? He does so not just because of that but because he genuinely feels like these girls are what his daughters would be like had they lived to see adulthood.
And I can imagine that over time just as he said in the original story that he would keep in contact with them over the generations and he did to an extent but clearly that trend stopped at a point and the maidens became scattered to the 4 corners of remnant. Now on to the actual point of why I like the idea of this theory and why I think its very fitting for it to be the way Salem goes out.
Simply put, its poetic justice and irony. Think about it, in the end it will be up to 4 girls and a wizard gifted with magic to stop an immortal witch and her army of soulless monsters. Those 4 girls being the indirect reincarnations of that witches and Wizards 4 daughters of the past. Each girl embodying the best qualities that humanity has to offer. It would be an epic and titanic fight but it wouldn't be the strength of the girls or the wizard that would defeat Salem.
No, it would be their refusal to die. Their outright refusal to lay down and surrender to fate and let her have her way. She would see the entire world united against her just to see her plans fail, there would be no one at her side except a bunch of savage beasts who would sooner devour her like all the rest if it weren't for her immortal form. It's in those moments after a deep heart to heart with Ruby and Oz(Oscar) that Salem truly understands the balance of life and death.
Now real quick I want to mention something and this is another reason I am super confident that Ruby is going to get the Fall maiden powers from Cinder. Throughout the entire show there has not been a single maiden with silver eyes. Summer Rose was NOT a maiden and so I refuse to believe that Ozpin hadn't considered that and was perhaps considering Summer and of course Ruby for the position of being the Fall maiden.
Because lets be real, RWBY obeys anime/video game rules and so Silver eyes(holy damage) + Magic= bane to Salem. Because how much do you wanna bet Salem would flip out if Ruby got her hands on maiden magic and tried to blast her with her silver eyes? I wage she would freak out quite a bit and so that's probably the last thing she wants.
As a matter a fact I am of the opinion that the reason Salem has those red veins across her body is because Summer Rose tried and succeeded in purging some of the Grimm essence out of her but it didn't take full effect because Salem killed Summer because it could. She eventually just jumped back into the Grimm pool and thats why she looks the way she does now.
Now look, I can already sense some of you typing in the comments that this theory is baseless, makes no sense, the writers already said it wouldn't happen and blah, blah, blah look alright; I'm willing to admit that this theory easily can be wrong and they could go a totally different route. So long as that final battle is entertaining and involves Team RWBY I don't care. However it would be real weird if they was fighting Salem who has magic and then they have no magic at all.
Keep in mind I have said here that the key to beating Salem isn't going to be having magic or more power than her. NO. The key to defeating Salem is going to be unity, being united as humanity against her. That is the key. The magic powers are just a bonus needed to knock some literal sense into Salem since she seems intent on fighting humanity.
Plus? C'mon now, She's going to have all 4 relics by the end of this story and will be nothing short of a fucking God and some fans HONESTLY think that Team RWBY could defeat her with just Ruby's silver eyes and nothing else. That legitimately makes no sense to me at all and so I have firmly planted my flag on this hill and will die on it.
If you don't like this idea/theory? You are valid to not like it, I can understand why a lot of fans wouldn't like it. However you have to remember the kind of show we are watching and frankly if they were just better with the power scaling it wouldn't be that big a deal because people often bring up how OP it would make the main girls and I'm just yeah. They are the main characters.
In Naruto by the end you expect Naruto to be the strongest of his generation matched only by a select few.
In one piece you expect by the end Luffy will be king of the pirates and everyone else will be under him or close to him in terms of strength
In MHA you expect by the end that Deku will have mastered One For All and that the only heroes that can match him or come close him him are the likes of Bakugo, Shoto and other top tier characters.
I have no idea where this stigma against strong characters has come from in this fandom but it has to stop. It's okay for our main girls to be powerful but the issue is that power needs to be introduced gradually and it needs to feel earned and the way one gets maiden powers is very harsh to use a term. Someone has to die and have you in their final thoughts for the magic to transfer, that's pretty dark and a heavy burden on someone to bare. Especially if there are side effects; like imagine if the maidens had to go through the same shit that Ozma goes through when he reincarnates.
That would be super interesting because then it could lead to a situation where maidens are always battling for control within that little soul space they inhabit upon death and that could make for very interesting drama and could be a deep dive on reincarnation and what makes someone's soul their own. But Miles and Kerry aren't skilled enough to handle something like that so we will never get anything like that as we have seen the maiden powers transfer and it doesn't work like how Oz's works
All in all, I just really like this idea and am 99.8% certain its going to happen. The moment that Raven was revealed to be the spring maiden and that Winter was selected to be the Winter maiden I knew where this was headed. NOW there is always the chance that they could pull the rug out from underneath us however I really don't think they will because by the end the main girls need to be our focus and so I don't think they will keep Raven and Winter alive for that goes double for Cinder and the Summer maiden I promise won't last more than two volumes tops and you can mark my words on that one.
Also I bet you that the summer maiden is going to be a faunus and if she is and forms a relationship with Blake? Then I don't think I need say anymore. So take that for what you will, I am confident in this theory and fully believe in it. If you don't? That's fine, you do you.
RWBY being in the off season gives me a lot of time for thought and so I just thought I'd share this and give my perspective instead of asking people why they hate the theory so much, I already have a post about that lol.
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