How to use Countif with “<>”? (Excel 2016)

2021.11.27 17:52 nai_ya How to use Countif with “<>”? (Excel 2016)

I have to count fields which do not match certain criteria so I used the "SUM(COUNTIF(Range, {"<>criteria1", "<>criteria2".....})) function but it's not counting right. Excel is counting it individually for each data of the range, meaning that for a function where the range is 2 cells, and there are 6 criteria, and the first data doesn't match 5 of them and the second data also doesn't match 5 of them, Excel returns the count '10' instead of 4 (because out of the 6 criteria from the 2 data, 4 are not met). When I remove the "<>" and simply add multiple criteria to the same range, it counts correctly i.e. 2 (because the first cell matches 1 criteria of the 6 and the second matches 1).
What do you have to add in the formula for Excel to count it together like it does when used for matching the criteria rather than differently like it does for not matching the criteria (using <>).
Do you have to use a different function for such calculations? Can anyone tell me which one to use instead of this?
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2021.11.27 17:52 EdibleClown Trespassing over empty land

So I was trying to drop off a package at a location on Aberdeen, and got a trespassing charge from flying over barren, empty land. Anybody else get unexpected trespassing charges?
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2021.11.27 17:52 HTTP_404_NotFound People here go crazy when stackoverflow goes down. I go crazy when github goes down.

Oh, and github is down.
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2021.11.27 17:52 VeryBigBox Repost due to no verification. But could just use a boost really?

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2021.11.27 17:52 Lauragraysonn (I’m only 18 and yet I have no interest in guys my age

I’ve never had a father figure so I know that that’s probably why I have such a kink for pleasing older men- or getting off when they like my somewhat curvy teen body.
I date women too, so for the past 2 years this hasn’t been much of an issues as I’ve been in a WLW relationship.
But now that I’m out of that and legal, it’s all I can think about. I even canceled a date with a guy my age a few days ago to online chat with a 42 year old.
I know it’s wrong but I can’t seem to stop :(
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2021.11.27 17:52 weedbooots Made this while stoned, don't know what it is.

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2021.11.27 17:52 MattyEH [WP] As it turns out, the speed of light (the maximum speed in the universe) is a bug, not a feature.

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2021.11.27 17:52 plazman30 Is Rosamund Pike to going to narrate any more Wheel of Time audiobooks?

I have CDs for a good chunk of the audiobooks. And I have lent Eye of the World CDs to 4 people now. Two of them gave up because of the readers, and the other two finished them, but said there was no way they were going to finish the entire series if these same two people read them all.
I'm hoping Rosamund Pike, re-records them all. Anyone know if this is going to happen?
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2021.11.27 17:52 Nivelyx Champion vs objective bounties

I want to ask people complaining about objective bounties to specify why they are okay with champion bounties but not objective bounties.
Champion bounties was what allowed assasins to become dominant in the midlane, every mage player knows how frustrating it has been the last few seasons to outfarm the enemy katarina/zed and then they roam bot and get 2 bounties >> boom game over.
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2021.11.27 17:52 _-adamn-_ dbrand doesn’t disappoint…

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2021.11.27 17:52 SvansyVonSwansea Svansy Coin is the payment token for my record label OrganizovanýXaoc

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2021.11.27 17:52 EvilPistachio Yes

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2021.11.27 17:52 JamesM777 Upvote for vintage toan hole porn

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2021.11.27 17:52 bipolarnotsober Loop the cable to hang whatever you're charging so it isn't dangling about.

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2021.11.27 17:52 VividBand7463 Want cap offs

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2021.11.27 17:52 Hrstmh-16 When did you play your first Fromsoft game?

I’m putting in parenthesis the games that game out around each time period, not necessarily that one of them is your first game.
View Poll
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2021.11.27 17:52 fandomnerdgirl My dinner for work had yellow writing on a yellow background 😒

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2021.11.27 17:52 Pytalovec Random flags with random weapons (day 1)

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2021.11.27 17:52 CubemanWebcomic [OC] Cubeman # 358 Smile 27-Nov-2021

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2021.11.27 17:52 Confident-Sun-4428 Twitter Analytics and data storage via API - some help needed

Twitter Analytics and data storage
Hi Guys, I need some advice as I want to report some insights on a number of twitter accounts
Desired flow: Twitter data collection, storage and analysis by using google data studio
I want to perform analysis on 100-200 accounts grouping them by segments.
I came across of bunch of services such as:
· Supermetrics
· Everythingdata
· Powermyanalytics
· Reportingninja
Due to the large costs involved, I would like to develop the process myself by collecting data, storing it and achieving the same data standard as these companies achieve. I am sure someone has developed such a process and can advise me how I can start working on it and learning pr use prebuild script.
I would like to collect data that would allow me to answer the below questions:
· Tweets Volume, impressions, retweets, likes
· Followers increase
· Identify which tweet had the largest engagement
· Followers engagement (Likes + retweets)
· Profile clicks and any other available information for deep analysis.
I do understand what I need to get Twitter Developer account to get access to API firts, but what is next? Can someone guide me to resources on how to retrieve data, store it correctly and etc.
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2021.11.27 17:52 xbox360noscope NFT monopoly

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2021.11.27 17:52 Emotional-Ebb4506 Has anyone tried giving up their smart phone for something more basic? How did it go?

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2021.11.27 17:52 maxwellmaxwell What to make with a half-gallon of chipotle sauce?

I was in a hurry at a wholesale food service place (there's one nearby with good, cheap produce) and rolled the dice on a half-gallon container of chipotle sauce, thinking it could work for enchiladas. It's got a hint of orange and is a little too sweet for enchiladas, but it's pretty good.
What would you make with it?
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2021.11.27 17:52 JedPAlger11 The Brandon who stole Christmas

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2021.11.27 17:52 haze_warlock Strauss!

Well I'm onto my 2nd playthrough and I'm in a doubt. If you haven't yet played the game for once, there's a spoiler so stop reading!!.
So while on my first playthrough, since i wanted an high honor ending, I blindly did everything to gain honor and nothing else. So as usual I kicked Strauss out. Now I'm at the same point in chapter 6 again. But the thing is, when Charles tells John in the epilogue that the pinkertons catch him and torture him and he dies in the custody but tells nothing about the gang. So after knowing that, I felt bad coz in the end aren't all evil. So this time I don't wanna kick him because atleast he was loyal to the gang. So is there any way of not kicking him??
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