Please help me

2022.01.17 01:50 Idustriousraccoon Please help me

Had a dream my wife and her ex were kissing. I asked when the last time she talked to her was. She sad a few weeks ago. She said I could read we texts. There was a weird missing text and she denied it. I went to the shower and saw her watch. It shows the missing text. It said
“I’ve thought about you every single day since we were apart as much as I tried not to think about you. I will always miss you.”
I wanted space. Stayed at a friend a bnb. She dragged me out of there and made me come “home” where I’m not allowed to make necklaces or sleep. I’d been sleeping on this this or trying to. What should I do
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2022.01.17 01:50 mellojelloakimbo Anyone had luck with the WS Cash card abroad ?

Looking to go for a trip in the summer (From Toronto to France/Italy) and was wondering if anyone actually used the 0% fx fee ?
I’m planing in using the WS Cash card like a debit card, by going to the atms and withdrawing Euro (3$ atm fee ik) and getting money out.
Anyone ever tried using it abroad ? If so, which places? Did you have any problems ? Did you need to call/tell WS that you are going abroad and so that they leave a note on your account (to not block it?)
Thanks in advance !!! Wishing y’all safety !!
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2022.01.17 01:50 shizuosslut my brother used my sock a cum sock???

so, my(17F) brother (11 M) went to bed early and as i usually do i went in his room in the morning to wake him up. when i walked in i stepped on a sock and it was crunchy with white spots. i’m 17 i’m not dumb i know what it is BUT IT WAS MY JOJO BIZZARE ADVENTURE SOCK! truthfully tho. i’m less concerned about the sock and more concerned about the fact that he’s doing it in socks. i want to talk to him about how to hygienically dispose of that stuff but it’s so fucking awkward. should i tell my mom? or bite the bullet and talk to him so i don’t embarrass him to our parents?
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2022.01.17 01:50 Zerglingalisk 2v2 in ranked?

Has this happened to anyone? I solo queued for Ranked Arena, Open/Crossplay. Nobody left the game. It just started this way with 4 players.
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2022.01.17 01:50 agirlnamedstephanie ariella forgetting her siblings names?

just goes to show that robyn and kody are only focused on robyn's kids. how incredibly sad that robyn isn't keeping her little ones connected with the other siblings through talking about them and showing photos. my siblings and i all live in different cities and see each other once or twice a year, our kids are young and they know their cousins because we make sure we're talking about them, showing photos and facetiming on a regular basis. how sad. side note, isnt she a bit old for a pacifier..?...
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2022.01.17 01:50 cum4dada Who do y’all believe killed who in scream (2022)!

I always have enjoyed going back and figuring out what murders the killers were responsible for. So I figured I’d open up a small discussion here for all who have seen the movie and know the ending / killer reveal.
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2022.01.17 01:50 Careless_Mammoth_966 Help! Subreddits

How can I see what all the subreddits are?? I know there are A LOT,but how can I check them out? Browse
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2022.01.17 01:50 tendencyofbattle Your next line will be "I got an erection!"

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2022.01.17 01:50 Cosmic_Prisoner Paris Smart City by Vincent Callebaut Architecture

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2022.01.17 01:50 Anon_697 Steelers fan here. Is there any space left on your bandwagon for the remainder of the season. Would like to hop on.

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2022.01.17 01:50 shhosm I'm 3 inches tall and I'm laying on my girlfriend in the hot tub. AMA

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2022.01.17 01:50 Clear-Challenge-9566 Class 5 English | Lesson 4 | Our Friend Computer | Part 1 | Reading|lear...

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2022.01.17 01:50 DawnKdh Join the TEEN13-17 Discord Server!

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2022.01.17 01:50 bananarotimari Best place near campus for a balayage or an ombre

Hey I have black hair, looking to bleach up to maybe a cool ash blonde/beige ombre. Idk the salons in the area very well tho. Any recs?
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2022.01.17 01:50 BongChong906 When the homies got your back

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2022.01.17 01:50 jafawef Boutine Throwbacks

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2022.01.17 01:50 reachaaftabansari [THEME] DROID SETUPS

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2022.01.17 01:50 Outrageous_Apple_420 Day 2/90 Check-in

I feel taking time out of your daily schedule and interacting via comments, upvotes in this community can help from relapsing. Plus the more you read about the importance of NoFap, the stronger it sets in your head.

This is something I've been doing. Did anyone else use a similar approach?
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2022.01.17 01:50 Berabouman Could Teemo/Sej be the/an answer to the current meta?

I am reminded of a GP in ages gone by where savvy players, expecting a field of control, played Ebony Owl Netsuke and reaped the rewards. When players want to draw cards, punish them for drawing them.
Obviously no direct analogue to LoR, but Teemo/Sej plays no unnerfed cards and has the very versatile Three Sisters.
Just your random LoR thought of the day.
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2022.01.17 01:50 Likeablesauce21 Does anyone have good songs that give of SiR vibes. I love the relaxed/cruising feeling that SiR gives off

Recently got into SiR and can’t stop listening to him… is there anyone who is like him and some songs i should listen to by SiR
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2022.01.17 01:50 plinocmene Mod to save research progress during anomalies?

Having to start over just because your scientist wins an election or for any reason really doesn't make sense. Scientists would take notes. Despite this this is a feature Stellaris doesn't seem to be interested in fixing. Does anyone have a mod to take care of this?
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2022.01.17 01:50 HistAnsweredBot Was there any pushback during WWII from Southern American tankers over fighting in a tank named after Sherman?

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2022.01.17 01:50 ToughAcanthisitta451 Friend shaped by Dyn.

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2022.01.17 01:50 shutgenesis624 How to escape losers queue?

I am not exaggerating when i say that my main account has been team gapped every game for the past 30 ranked games. Its come to the point now where my smurf account which i originally intended to use to learn new champion has become my main ranked account and is ranked higher elo then my main just beacuse its so much easier to climb on. Normally this wouldnt be a problem but my main owns many more champions and skins and i prefer to play on it. Ive also seen many other smurf accounts just because their main accounts are cursed. Is there a way to fix this just besides creating a new account?
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2022.01.17 01:50 ZoolShop Today only: Amazon's Kindle is on sale for the all-time-low price of $70

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